Write with me Now

Writing your Path to Fulfilled, Healthy and Happy Life!


I will share with you the tools and strategies for your daily writing practise.


Your daily writing will free you. It will strengthen you. It will transform you into a person of integrity and service, happy, unblocked and fulfilled.


The tools I will give you, will create a structure for your day and for your week. Within this gentle structure, new ideas and opportunities will arise. At the same time, when you start to create your Memoir, you will begin to discover your hidden desires, dreams and new direction which is true to yourself.


Writing is our inner guidance. Writing is deeply connected to our spirituality: they come from the same place. Through writing we are asking important questions and we receive the answers which lead us back on our true path.

There would be no studio albums, no transformation and no fulfilled dreams without the daily writing practise. Through daily writing we always get back home, to ourselves.


Write with me now.

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A thrilling journey awaits you.


With all my love and appreciation,



We are a non-profit organisation supporting daily writing as a means to unblock creativity and passion and helping you design your path to a fulfilled, gentle, healthy and happy life.