14 June 2016


I’ve been reading an amazing book on women – “Women who run with the wolves” – and I really loved this poem on Intuition, so I have copied it here. Enjoy!


She lives in the Mountains of solitude

She leaves footprints for us to try for size

She lives in the tear

She is in the present

She walks backward in time

To find us now

She lives on the notes of longing

She is the moment

Through our night dreams

And our day thoughts
We long when we are separated from her
It’s in your feeling of longing

When you know

That she just passed this way
She is present

In your life giving thoughts

In your creation, creativity
She is your mother

your daughter

and your father –

Angel from heaven
All it takes is to ask her

For directions

Before you go to bed

All it takes is to pray

and expect the answers
She will guide you

Towards your freedom

Your creativity and passion
Guard her in your heart

Protect her from your mind

Choose your thoughts wisely

and you will be on your way

Towards freedom”