01 March 2018

Why do we write?

We write because being able to create something new and unique is truly magical.


I am looking at the profiles of women creatives and my heart is joyful and proud – women photographers, women entrepreneurs, women artists, women writers – with a clear and consistent message and their genuine work. It makes me so proud. We are doing it! And all this deep work comes from a gentle female perspective!

Writing brings so much daily happiness and fulfilment. Writing helps to start paying attention to our thoughts, to our dreams and desires. When we write we become clearer and clearer about our direction and future path. Writing becomes our solid plan, our GPS into the life that we want to have, we want to live. There is no better gift we can give to ourselves than daily writing.

Writing, like all aspects of life, is a process. When we start our writing might be chaotic and undecided – this is perfectly normal, because our thoughts are not yet structured and neat. With time, when we write daily, our writing becomes clearer and clearer, our mind starts to work in structured and sharp patterns, we achieve clarity and perspective we would never think was possible.


We take small and gentle steps every day to wards our big goal, big dream. We don’t resist anymore because we now have a solid plan and it consists of small and gentle steps which are easy to implement on a daily basis. Suddenly, we start to walk, then to run, then ultimately, we start to fly. The ideas come to us endlessly, but we catch them in a structured way. They are neatly put in compartments, in the file cabinet on our computer. I personally use stacks and notebooks in Evernote for that structured projects and ideas.


When we write, after the initial stages of discomfort pass, we get a true momentum, we are in a real flow. We constantly write, create, we catch the ideas. We happily accept the ideas coming to us with gratitude and we do not reject them anymore. We do not sabotage ourselves any more. We finally achieve the feelings of fulfilment and happiness on a daily basis. What other tool can provide us with those feelings to us so consistently? Daily Writing does, it really does.


So what are you waiting for? Start now. Write now.


With all my love and appreciation for women creators.


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