Weekly writing sessions

Weekly writing sessions

Weekly writing sessions will gently tap us to start writing now, using the tool of stream of consciousness writing, writing memoir and self-care artist dates. Those three tools will enable us to write freely and in a natural way. Writing sessions will be based on the Artist Way. They will be gentle and supportive.

Every Saturday at 1pm, after receiving an email with three simple but effective prompts from Aleksandra, you will start writing. Writing will take place on an individual and private basis and we will not share our work with other participants. The sessions are meant to serve as a means to getting clarity and purpose, as a means to self-discovery and their goal is to find ourselves, our creativity, passion and our writing voice.



We will open sign up form for weekly writing sessions shortly- stay tuned! 


Stay tuned for our Writer’s Retreat in Andalusia. The Retreat will be based on the Writer’s Way book. Every participant of the workshop will receive a copy of the Artist Way Book and Morning Pages Journal.

The first edition of the Retreat will take place in September 2018.
The Retreats will have four editions in 2019: March 2019, May 2019, September 2019, November 2019.