22 April 2017

Where two rivers meet

It’s Saturday morning – second morning here in Ghent. I am staying in my beloved secret place in Patershol – an oasis of peace and quiet. I have a little cosy room. It feels like home. The evenings these days are freezing cold but this room is warm and lovely, and the shower hot and steamy. I needed that.
I overslept and missed the breakfast, which is served till 9:30am. So after the shower I happily go to the nearest bakery and buy two lovely croissants: with pudding and fruit and with chocolate. And I order the coffee. It’s really special that you can get a little coffee from the bakery. One day, when I feel my stomach a bit upset and ask if they have tea, they say that they have none, only the coffee. I slowly eat the croissants and drink the coffee on the bench next to the little river, it’s very peaceful and quiet, and sunny though a bit chilly.
Then I literally run to the Vieze Gasten – the theatre where I am arranging a concert with the Belgian Sweets.
I am being treated to delicious home made coffee, Belgian style. I’m really grateful because literally I am dying for some coffee after a long walk (run) to the place.
I leave with a great feeling and go back to the historical centre where I take a group tour with a guide from a central hostel. They offer free tours every day at 1pm both in Spanish and in English.
There are some interesting facts, for example our guide (he is actually Catalan, from Barcelona, but has lived in Ghent for 5 years), is frustrated (like a lot of Belgian people I talk to) about the tax system and five different governments at the same time. The interesting fact is that in case of property: houses and cafes, the tax is not paid when the house or cafe is based on the water, boats are a great example. So Belgian people built several extensions of their houses and cafes on the river. Smart as taxes are said to be really high is this country.
After a busy day, I am back to my cosy room to get some rest. In the evening my lovely dinner is made of little Babybel cheese cubes, grapes, dark Leffe and Cote D’or chocolate. Unavoidable here in Ghent.
I am writing these words with happiness in my heart. I found the balance again and those simple moments of pleasure are enormous treasure for me!

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