10 January 2017

What we truly yearn for is to start something

“What we truly yearn for is to start something”
The Artist’s Way
The cough did not let me sleep tonight. But now, three coffees later, I feel much much better. I’m also really excited about some things to come, some events to happen very soon. In one more week in fact. I love secrets, and this is my little secret for now. I won’t tell!
I yearn to start something that matters. It takes a lot if discipline to master the skill. While I’m coughing, I am writing. As soon as I’m done with the cold, I can’t wait to practise the new four songs for recordings in February in Ghent. I can’t wait to go there!
Our time this planet is so short. Sometimes I can feel that there is not enough time: to read, to master the skill, like songwriting.
On the other handside I noticed that even 10 minutes a day of doing something systematically, can make a huge difference. The skill improves day by day. I noticed it with my singing practise with Leon and recently with the piano playing during Christmas time. I had enough time to practise every day and it really improved my playing.
So my plan for now is to go to Ghent, record those four new songs, encourage Pedro and Augustin to record three other songs, like covers, with simple arrangement for the piano, or more of Augustin’s songs, and release the eight new songs on the vinyl.
Gosh, I can feel the familiar warmth inside of me now. I can feel that someone on the other end of this Universe just woke up and is thinking about me. Why do I feel it? I will not know the answer I guess. Not for now.
God, please use me as a tool to help others, to help myself first, to get that courage to be there, to sing my heart out, to share my precious gift. Please grant me the courage to be my best self, to love people, to support them, to be with them, so that they feel safe in my presence. Please let me be the most loving self, loving and respecting human beings for who they are, as we all are the same, we resemble ourselves. No judgment, no comparison. Only the Light. Please let me be the Light. Always.

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