04 March 2018

Time to write

I have hidden for two weeks in my beloved Poland to write and it was a blast.


We need this time for ourselves to work on something bigger than us, something that we love, something that makes us feel at integrity and completely fulfilled, and we achieve this by building a platform for others. When we create something to help others we in fact mostly help ourselves. We give and it returns to us immediately. The secret of living is giving and we are at our best when we give. We get inspiration, we receive ideas, hints, our direction, our path becomes clearer and clearer.


I desperately needed this time to write and I leave Poland with a feeling of fulfilment and achievement. I’m proud of well spent time and small steps I took every day to achieve the result I was striving for.


I feel so happy that I found the passion and the power of writing at this stage of my life. I believe in writing as the right way to grow, and get back to ourselves, to our roots. I discover that writing is our best friend, we can always get back to writing when we need a helping hand, when we feel lonely, in distress. The pages listen to our desires, our feelings, our sadness, and they open up the right, the true path to ourselves. The process is very gentle and takes some time. This time is needed until we can be perfectly honest with ourselves, our feelings, needs and desires. Only then the pages will show us the path to ourselves, the path will reveal itself, without not much effort on our part. I can’t think of any other natural and gentle way to discover the true direction of our life, other than daily writing.


I’m so grateful that I discovered this momentum of daily writing. There is no better way I know that can bring us so close to our intuition, to our instincts and the wild self that is patiently waiting for us to awaken. The pages can do only good, they deliver pleasure, they bring fun, and the more fun we have while writing the pages, the more open we are to letting our creative juices flow, the more passion we start to have in our lives.


The best thing is that we don’t need any fancy equipment to write, it costs nothing, we don’t need to create a special space for the daily practice. We can write everywhere and at any time. All we need is a journal and a pencil or a page on our computer. We have it all under our control, there are no exterior elements involved, and no pressure of any kind.


We just write – and it’s natural and it’s good for us. It comes from inside and it comes from the same place as our soul. We become our best version when we start to write. Writing is just making us better humans. It releases all that is best is us: our love, passion, creativity, spirituality. They are all interconnected.


The time is now. Write now.


Love, Aleksandra

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