14 August 2017

Time off to heal

Our mind is everything. We have to be ready to lead, get stronger, transform ourselves into our own best version. It is important is to take the time off the spotlight to heal our mind, heart and soul.

I felt like I needed some time off to heal. I purposefully starved the ego, working on the fundamentals instead. I looked for quiet, ignoring external distractions. Seeking happiness, peaceful voice inside, in desperate need to remove fear, I finally found it in simple recipe – running. The discipline of this simple course gave me belief that I can be back again, stronger, wiser. Support of my loved ones was crucial too in this comeback.

I imagined this third album for some months, then I had to find creative ways to complete it. And it was easy and really positive experience for me. Especially the recordings and my three weekend stays in medieval Ghent between January and April, the city where the music started for me 15 years ago.

It took only 12 months from first call of Pedro to receiving master of ready album. I had to recreate the Belgian Sweets band again after a long break from the concerts.

So here we are – stronger, wiser, older, but still with the enthusiasm of a child for this one and only thing which translates our emotions into melodies and words. Music.
We are back again. I hope you can stay with us. Let’s do this. Fearlessly again.


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