05 March 2018

Three tools for writing in a natural way

While at the airport I checked a book by a Polish author/broadcaster I admire and caught a special piece of advice: She says that she takes her passion with her wherever she goes, whether it’s the weekend or holidays. No matter when and where, she is writing, day by day. That way, by small steps, the book is created. It’s the most natural process.


It’s unnatural to force ourselves to create a book under pressure – she says – The author will struggle because writing a book – our work of love, creativity and passion – happens in daily, gentle and loving steps, when we feel at integrity.


Keeping a blog is great tool for creating book. We write constantly and consistently, and we build our book step by step in fun and easy way.


Writing memoir is another great tool. We can write three pages of our story/experience during early morning, then we can write three more pages in the evening. The book happens on its own in gentle daily practice.


A third great tool is getting rest off writing and doing something for fun. Our creativity is a child and it needs to be fed constantly.

Drawing, painting, singing, using colourful stickers in our notebook, colouring, watching a fun series – our soul, our creativity needs some fun, at least once a week; a happy and fun day at the weekend could do just perfectly. The result is three-fold: fun kills the stress, fun awakens our creativity and ideas, fun makes us more open and healthy. Fun is natural to human nature.


We can take our passion for writing wherever we go, we can write at any time. There is no better day to spend our days being so close to ourselves and connecting with the treasure that is inside all of us. In a natural way. A way that is gentle, loving and most important. A path that leads us to ourselves.

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