06 May 2017

The act of creation

The act of creation is self-fulfilling in itself. Creating something new every day keeps us excited and happy. We are the creators – we are sooooo lucky!

Writing early in the morning, stream of consciousness thoughts, opens up some parts of us that have been blocked for a long time, writing down the thoughts, the ideas, recording the melody that is stuck in our head for days, or just putting down a meaningful map for the next months or this day, based on three key results: what I want to achieve that is the most important to me, that gets me closer to my dream, and then list 3 important actions for every result.

Result 1:

Action 1

Action 2

Action 3

This makes room in our mind, makes it more structured. The less chaos in our mind, the more we write things down in structure and order, the more meaningful our day is.

I always thought that the day is meaningful when we create – and yes it certainly is – but it’s crucial to have a solid structure for the day, solid blocks of meaningful action based on our three key results. Our mind is then happy, we are happy, we feel that our day is under our control, the chaos recedes.

Happy creating!

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