17 May 2017

Small steps towards New Release

First steps are crucial and the most difficult. We just have to start. And sometimes this is the most challenging assignment after the creative act is done. Our life work is complete. The pleasure, the fulfilment stage is done. Now the real work starts. Communicating about it with the world, letting the world know about our new album, book, painting, release. 
These days I’m taking small steps, little chunks of actions communicating with the world about the new Album. 
I received the master of the third abum on 19 April 2017. I wrote about it to most important Labels only last week. And it is since 15 May that I am communicating about it with the Radios. Yes, it is a challenge to start the implementation stage. 
I wrote to fans and supporters and asked for help and received it immediately. People are amazing. I asked about the names of the Radio stations in their native countries and I’m getting a lot of great advice. One person from Norway even sent the link to our music to his friend – Radio Broadcaster in Norway.
Magic things start to happen when we overcome procrastination and start taking small steps. Every day. Closer and closer. We get better and better.
Communicating with the world, reminding people and people from the industry that we’re back, that our third album is ready to be released, that makes me very happy and fulfilled in itself. 
So the creative act is self-fulfilling, but then the marketing stage can bring a lot of pleasure too. If we do it with structure every day, taking small steps, but continuously, and with discipline. 
Happy creating and implementing!
With Love,

Aleksandra xx


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