"I love your singing!" Stacey Kent

Aleksandra recorded and released three studio albums. Her music is playlisted in Caffe Nero Stores in Poland and the UK.

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            13 April 2016


            One of the best things about getting mature is that we are not scared of being judged any more. So far, we wanted everything to... Read More
            06 April 2016


            The amount of gratitude I can feel these days.. I’m so thankful to my fans for being with me in the times of silence and... Read More
            30 March 2016


            I feel humbled to have deep conversations with wonderful, sensitive people around the world.  And the amazing fans who support me all the way through.... Read More
            06 March 2016

            Slow Life

            Sunny morning in the spring Gratitude in my heart  Imagining  All the good things  That will come to our lives I’m running Running  Clear images... Read More