"I love your singing!" Stacey Kent

Aleksandra & The Belgian Sweets released three studio albums: “Island Girl”, “The Sky is on Fire” and “Clover”.



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            23 November 2015

            Christmas Gifts

            Do you dream of the White, cosy Christmas? Then get yourself and your family a copy of an album which will add colour and texture...
            21 November 2015

            Mozart Manuscript

            A lovely, moving class with mentor and vocal coach Leon. There are six primary vowels out of which our language was created. Those six vowels...
            11 November 2015

            Abundance Journal

            Having so much fun, it’s unbelievable! I’m following an online business model to create a funnel for the music and it is so much fun,...
            08 November 2015

            Feeling blessed

            I feel very grateful for all the blessings in my life. For the sweetest loving man, for the opportunity to grow, for so much inspiration...
            03 November 2015

            Streets of London

            I love walking the streets of London. My favourite area is Russel Square or the back streets of Baker Street. The time is stopping and...
            31 October 2015

            Creative London

            London never stops to surprise me. It is a fascinating city. Noisy, energetic, stimulating, inspiring, dirty in places, smelly, but we all still love it...