"I love your singing!" Stacey Kent

Aleksandra & The Belgian Sweets released three studio albums: “Island Girl”, “The Sky is on Fire” and “Clover”.



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            10 December 2015

            Your comments

            It’s been a long time and required a lot of patience but today the master of a new song, recorded with some genius London musicians,...
            06 December 2015

            Creating love inside

            Meditation. Finally cracking the code. That’s it. This is the beginning and the end. This is the everlasting joy. That’s where everything starts, and ends....
            30 November 2015

            On giving

            On giving  The best medicine in our crazy times, is simple giving. The more we give, the less self-centred we are, the less attention we...
            29 November 2015

            Belief and destiny

            “Belief determines destiny” There are so many events happening right now I am grateful for. One of them is a song written and recorded with...
            28 November 2015

            Courage to dare greatly

            Vulnerability. Courage to be vulnerable. God, give me strenght and courage to serve, to share body of work. There is such a thin line between...
            26 November 2015

            On Gratitude

            There is one person who is a master of gratitude. And today he is the one I would love to quote as his words are...
            24 November 2015

            Meditate with a smile

            Loving this excerpt from “Eat, Pray, Love” by Ketut, the medicine man from Bali 🙂 “To meditate, only you must smile. Smile with face, smile...