20 May 2017

New Release – documenting the journey – from creation to delivery

I am documenting the map, some of daily journals and mind status to get a New Release out. I call this series: Too blessed to be stressed ๐Ÿ™‚ The power of those words leads me in the daily actions towards release of the new album. I hope you like this post and it is useful to you, especially if you are a creator, musician, writer, artist. 

There are the core tasks – the musts; the nice to haves – the ones which require the budget and are not under my control; and very nice to haves – the luxuries, that are not easy to get at the moment, out of control – for now.
I have to focus my energy at the core tasks. Three simple tasks, completely under my control, that I can do at any place and time, from everywhere I am at the moment. 

I have a mastered album ready, the cover of the album is ready. Now the stage of communication with the world begins. 
Let’s start now!
These involve the following simple steps:

1. All three albums registered on Itunes

2. Communicating with the Labels

3. Communicating with the Radios
I’m using the system for communication: I call it the funnel. I contact the person, and then I follow up gently. The total number of emails sent: 4 or 5. The reply usually comes after Email 3 or 4. This is very important to know because most of us give up after sending Email 1. We usually never follow up. This is a mistake we make. 

The magic happens after we followed up at least three times. This is cracking the code. 
Happy creating and delivering!
Love, Aleksandra xx


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