14 October 2015

Studio #magic

Moment, please last… You are beautiful!

Magic moments at the studio, in preparation for recording new material.

#studio #magicmoments

Making major progress on the music! It feels great to observe that under Leon’s guidance the voice becomes stronger than ever, more integrated, more relaxed, more attached, more free.

I’m recording “Watching” this week and working on song’s phrases. What a beautiful song. Mike is such a talented songwriter. I hope to reach his level of songwriting in my lifetime! Lovely, magical song.

The next two months, before going to Portugal, will be very busy. I will have to work like a farmer 🙂 on the method, pronounciation and the vowels of three beautiful songs. It’s such a pleasure! “Classy songs” Leon described. “Do you want to be good or do you want to be magnificent? He asks. The second option – I say quietly. “Then you need to work your ass off” he adds, and I smile. And I do.

The most important body of work, the melodies which come to me, is the next step.

Recognising and respecting our body of work and our vulnerability is crucial to our progress and growth.


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