28 August 2017

It all starts with a Dream

Mine was ever to record a studio album with great musicians, to leave a mark, a foot stamp on the sand, that I lived here and now, created, made a dream come true.

Today I am sharing with you the date of release of the third studio album – something beyond I ever imagined or dreamed of.

I feel moved and grateful for that. Thank you, especially to Pedro, who made it happen.

Dreams come with a lot of sacrifice, hard work, discipline and effort. I learned a lot when recording and releasing those studio albums.

Today, with the third album release I also open a new chapter. My next dream and desire is to gain new experiences and go on new adventures, touch new textures and fibers, complete the uncompleted.

So today is a new beginning – new music is released and life starts anew again.

I hope that you will enjoy the sounds of this third record.

The album is released on Apple Music. The physical cds will be available from our store on the website. We will ship physical cds to your address.

Thank you for your long term love and support. It means a world to me.




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