08 May 2017

Coming back Home

Creare – to produce where there was once nothing, to bring to life. 

Our home is a place inside us, where we feel in the zone, powerful, happy, enthusiastic, energetic, ready.

Home is a place where we can focus on doing what is important to us, where our feelings expand, where we expand and become our best selves.

Home is a feeling that everything is as it should be, that we are in the best place we can be, doing the things that are meaningful to us.

So whatever it is that makes us feel at home, let’s do more of it more often, continuously, consistently.

When we feel at home, we are immediately filled with love. We are life givers, life savers. We blossom, we smile, we give our best, all that we possibly can.

Clarissa Pincola Estes uses a beautiful description of the creative process that leads us home:

We are building a delicate and fragile construction, like a house of cards, on our fingertip, and we need to carry this construction all the way to the table without it falling down. This way we bring our world into being. 

Even if beautiful things come out of our hands, lips, pens, we still question ourselves if we are the success, if we are good enough, talented enough. Being with the right people who constantly support us, encourage us, comfort us, is essential for our creativity.

When we are using our talents as deeply as we can, our work becomes a gift for others. 

Love, Aleksandra


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