Home studio

I’ve been arranging and recording new songs like a maniac for the last two weeks. It’s been so much fun!!! I love the process. The... Read More
February 2016

Your comments

It’s been a long time and required a lot of patience but today the master of a new song, recorded with some genius London musicians,... Read More
December 2015

Studio #magic

Moment, please last… You are beautiful! Magic moments at the studio, in preparation for recording new material. #studio #magicmoments Making major progress on the music!... Read More
October 2015

Owl Mountains, Cannes and Soundscapes

This summer has been a life changer. Inspiring places, great people and inspiring work in the studio microcosm on tiny soundscapes with masterful coach Leon Berrange... Read More
September 2015

Christmas Sparkle!

Hey guys, how are you? I am writing this to you while listening to Christmas Album by Ella. Already? You might ask. Yes, already in the Christmas mood! 🙂... Read More
November 2014

Yay! Recording!

Aleksandra is privileged to write and record in London with legendary songwriter and producer team. New song to be revealed in 2015!
August 2014

Sync it!

Aleksandra signs contract in France and is now officially represented in the sync world!
June 2014