Fun, right here right now!

Today I search for more happiness, more fulfilment and more meaning.  I am gathering a list of things I can do for fun, right here... Read More
February 2016

Inside Intentional

Today I look inside the word: Intentional, which also is Meant, Purposed, Designful. I love these words. The ones I want to breathe in, become... Read More
February 2016

Just imagine

On Friday my demo was sent out to decision makers. What do I do during those weeks waiting for that crucial life decision? Praying I... Read More
January 2016

3 minutes of #Gratitude

Feeling deeply moved today. Our life is truly blessed.. Warm tears in my eyes… I’m so thankful to be able to come back to a... Read More
January 2016

Daily Magic! 

What a great way to start a day running along the river with Rammstein in your earphones! Feeling so grateful to have the time during... Read More
January 2016

Magic of singing! 

It all starts to sound together! 🙂 We have worked with a vocal coach on improvement of voice on new songs since last summer. The... Read More
January 2016

Quiet moments at the piano

In the times of insecurity, struggle, unknown tomorrow, the only thing that kept me going were the quiet moments at my little keyboard. Those were... Read More
January 2016

Being our best selves

Doing something meaningful, something that matters most to us, means that we get to accept rejection, that struggle might be a part of our chosen... Read More
January 2016