Time to write

I have hidden for two weeks in my beloved Poland to write and it was a blast.   We need this time for ourselves to... Read More
March 2018

Why do we write?

We write because being able to create something new and unique is truly magical.   I am looking at the profiles of women creatives and... Read More
March 2018

Coming back Home

Creare – to produce where there was once nothing, to bring to life.  Our home is a place inside us, where we feel in the... Read More
May 2017

Album no. 3 is now complete!

Magic atmosphere of ancient Ghent during the last days and Album 3 is now complete. It’s going to be very romantic!
March 2017

Inspiration Notes for 2017

Inspiration Notes for 2017 Inspiring quote by the master himself: “Dreams don’t come true without a lot of failure and hope”. Walt Disney  
January 2017

Happy Holidays!

  Dear friends, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, filled with peace and joy. May... Read More
December 2016