Christmas Sparkle!

Hey guys, how are you? I am writing this to you while listening to Christmas Album by Ella. Already? You might ask. Yes, already in the Christmas mood! 🙂... Read More
November 2014

thank you for #2!

We are hitting no. 2 of the Reverb Nation Jazz Charts for London! Thank you to all who listen and for your lovely comments! xxx
September 2014

Beautiful Salento

This world is truly beautiful and this is one of its many wonders. Ladies and gents, this is Salento in Colombia. Thank you again, Alexander!
August 2014

Magical Cotswolds

We travelled to Cotswolds this weekend. It is a magical place. We were welcomed by lovely hosts at the Highlands House, located on the hill,... Read More
July 2014

First day of Summer!

I loved the powerful statement of Eckhart Tolle in his book – The Power of Now: “Wherever you are, be there totally”. Powerful! xxx
June 2014