Time to write

I have hidden for two weeks in my beloved Poland to write and it was a blast.   We need this time for ourselves to... Read More
March 2018

Coming back Home

Creare – to produce where there was once nothing, to bring to life.  Our home is a place inside us, where we feel in the... Read More
May 2017

Where two rivers meet

It’s Saturday morning – second morning here in Ghent. I am staying in my beloved secret place in Patershol – an oasis of peace and... Read More
April 2017


I feel humbled to have deep conversations with wonderful, sensitive people around the world.  And the amazing fans who support me all the way through.... Read More
March 2016

To my warriors

To my women – my warriors, let us be strong every day, fight for our dreams, our purpose in life, let us share our gift... Read More
March 2016

Slow Life

Sunny morning in the spring Gratitude in my heart  Imagining  All the good things  That will come to our lives I’m running Running  Clear images... Read More
March 2016

Home studio

I’ve been arranging and recording new songs like a maniac for the last two weeks. It’s been so much fun!!! I love the process. The... Read More
February 2016

Donut day travel

I’m travelling again today. Travelling is magical. Sitting here with a coffee and a view over the green space of the airport. Travelling makes us... Read More
February 2016
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