Decision-making made simple :)

Living in accordance with our Intuition is the biggest treasure. Our intuition is like a guardian angel – it guides us through life, it always... Read More
July 2015

Studio and Mindfulness

This summer has been really wonderful. Saturday in and Saturday out, while most people are drinking, cheering up and watching Wimbledon, we are happily locked... Read More
July 2015

Have a great Easter

I wish you and your loved ones the renewal of love, happiness and life. May this Easter inspire you to new action, prosperity and abundance.... Read More
March 2015

Loving W6!

It feels absolutely amazing to have a long, lovely run along the river Thames in the evening. Tonight I was joined accidentally by a large... Read More
February 2015

Go with the Flow

I will never forget this moment. It was literally 15 minutes before our concert with the Belgian Sweets was scheduled to start at legendary Ronnie... Read More
February 2015

The Power of Non-Resistance

Why resist all the good things, all the soft, cosy things around us? Why resist Love? Why steal precious moments from your Life which really... Read More
February 2015

Vibrant London

Hey guys, I must admit that I love London more and more – I am just falling in love with this great town. And now,... Read More
February 2015

The Power of Juicing

Hey guys, So from Sunday we have a new friend at the house – Mr Juicer! We are trying out recipes for most delicious and magical... Read More
February 2015