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July 2018

Time to write

I have hidden for two weeks in my beloved Poland to write and it was a blast.   We need this time for ourselves to... Read More
March 2018

Why do we write?

We write because being able to create something new and unique is truly magical.   I am looking at the profiles of women creatives and... Read More
March 2018


What exciting is going to happen today? What adventure are we going on today? There is an exciting perspective on the horizon. We have to... Read More
August 2017

It all starts with a Dream

Mine was ever to record a studio album with great musicians, to leave a mark, a foot stamp on the sand, that I lived here... Read More
August 2017

Time off to heal

Our mind is everything. We have to be ready to lead, get stronger, transform ourselves into our own best version. It is important is to... Read More
August 2017


Feeling fearless today..What a feeling! And found in a very simple recipe: Running Club every Saturday at 9am 🙂 Group running is so much different... Read More
August 2017
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