29 November 2015

Belief and destiny

“Belief determines destiny”

There are so many events happening right now I am grateful for. One of them is a song written and recorded with two amazing people, one of them MD and keyboardist of the legendary band.

The song is now being registered at the PRS for Music and then it will be ready for an official release in early 2016.

I am very happy about this song. It is different from what we have done in our main project with the Belgian Sweets. Still, it is very emotional, it has a lovely groove and an awesome title! 🙂

I learnt so much during the studio sessions with these guys. About sound based lyric writing and hooks. I was inspired by the stories of the legendary group this person was a part of.

It was both exciting and overwhelming to write and record in a studio full of golden discs…

I hope that you will enjoy the song as much as we did when we were making it in the studio.

We will be disclosing the song in early 2016. In the meantime, please stay tuned.

Thank you!

Aleksandra xxx