29 August 2017


What exciting is going to happen today? What adventure are we going on today?

There is an exciting perspective on the horizon. We have to climb up the hill in order to get to our dream.

Nothing has the meaning except for the meaning we give it. Everything is neutral. This world is neutral.

All we want is harmony and peace where we can create, leave a piece of us here in this world.

Our beliefs make us who we are, this world is as it is, and we add to it our meaning, our stamp on it, the footprint.

We are walkers, hikers, everything is as it is and we are just climbing those hills and mountains. Everything is as it is..the feeling is calming and peaceful, we are who we are and everything is as it is, as it is meant to be.

What misses me is my destiny. Every day is beautiful, every day gives us a chance to grow, to transform into who we really are.

One more hill and we are. We are closer to our dream, our destiny. One more hill, step by step, we are hiking the mountains.

Fulfilled life is a simple life: that of harmony and living with what is important to us.

Every day is an adventure and we are who we are. It’s important to be, to live, to matter. In the process, change lives, enrich lives.

It’s all a matter of state, how we feel, it’s all kinesthetics.

Beautiful adventures are in front of us. We are climbing towards them. We are fulfilled by creating every day.

Every day that little bit of us on the paper, in the song, on page, on canvas, on the dancing floor. We are closer..Every day closer to our dream.


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